Financial Services in Czech Republic

Are you looking for some help regarding mortgages, loans, insurance, investments or money savings? You have just come to the right place!


Let me briefly introduce myself

Who am I ?

I am Lukas and I have been working in financial industry for almost five years. When I fist started in the industry, I worked for the biggest bank in Czech Republic. Soon I realised that clients needs were not the most important thing for the bank where I was working at that time. So I decided to leave and I have started working on my own. So if you are looking for someone who can guide you through all the dark alleys of finance industry. I would be glad if you chose me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Banks, Insurance companies, Investment funds

Who do I work with?

How does cooperation work?

What would I want from you?

All I would want from you would be maximum cooperation regarding your case. I get paid through a commision which is issued by a bank or insurance company. Every institution gives me the same amount of money. So you do not have to worry about anything. Clients satisfaction is my biggest reward.

Sounds fair enough?

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